How to make verification screenshot in right way

When the investor doing research about the website they can do market research on traffic, keywords and competitor sites, as well as information about the site they are considering purchasing.

However, there will be a number of pieces of information that you can only get from the seller. These include the details on actual traffic and income. 

Therefore, to provide the truth information to the buyer we suggest you the way to provide detail and easy to understand to buyer.
There’re many monetization methods choose the one you use below to know how to make good income screenshot.

Take the screenshot at report by monthly and filter by website. If you sell several sites at one take filter for both and make sure the urls is available at the bottom of picture

Amazon Income Screenshot
Amazon Income Screenshot

Take monthly income screenshto as above for at least 12 months then for the previous period you can take yearly screenshot.

Choose Group by Tracking ID and make source your screenshot contain all tracking ID.

Do not censor the picture we will do it ourselves.

Feb 2019

You can take picture like this! For an easier way just add us on Google Analytics with the add user permission we will take care everything for you.